How convert wmv to dvd

hi all, I’m new to videos, I aquired the video from the video cam and saved into the PC using moviemaker. It come out as WMF format of 3 GB. Using moviemaker I burnt it to a DVD but the dimension is 350 MB with a lot of compression and bad quality. Is there another software what I can use to convert wmv to dvd format?

Convertxtodvd works with wmvs but it’s not free. You can get it here: when you say videocam do you mean a camcorder? If you’re using a camcorder and you want to burn the file to a dvd you should do the capture as mpeg2. It’s not compressed and the quality is a lot better but you need a huge hard drive.

not sure, but you can have a look at WinAVI

winavi works great for me.

WinAVI works perfect for me but it cost money to

Didn’t try MediaCoder by myself but maybe it works and it’s for free