How convert ccd to cue, or how to burn clonecd image w/o alcohol or clonecd

I have a ccd, img and sub set of files; this is from a disk that is not copy protected so I believe the sub information is irrelevant.
It was a bootable disk, I want the copy to be the same.
I don’t want to use CloneCd or Alcohol because they are not freeware.

Does anybody know a freeware that can change a ccd and img into a cue and bin? Or a freeware that can burn a ccd/img ?

I want to burn this set; I hear the img files are similar, possible the same to bins, so this might be the same situation as having a “bin without a cue”- I am trying to research ways to burn a complex bootable disk in that situation, but here are my ideas so far.

Possible methods:

  1. Open the img in Dvddecryptor and just burn it.
    True, Dvddecryptor will take an img file as input. But will it successfully make a bootable cd from it without a cue?

  2. Ccd/img files can sometimes be mounted with Daemon Tools.
    It is a bootable disk, so I can’t just copy the files to a new dir and burn them. Run a disk 2 disk copier (Nero 5.5, full disk copy
    mode), use the mounted Daemon Tools image as the source. Will the finished burned cd be bootable? Anybody have experience with this?

  3. Somebody said you can rename ccd to cue and img to bin, and plop into Nero- does that really work?

  4. I found a program from 1999 called bin2iso 1.9b. It says it can make a cue when the cue is missing, but it says it is unreliable. Use this on the img, use the cue in Nero with the img or the img renamed to bin. Likely to work?

  5. There’s a linux program called CCD2ISO. Maybe that could be used in cygwin. Sounds difficult though.

I’ll try to find a rewritable disk or sacrifice a bunch of blanks and experiment with all of this later on, but does someone know a neat way to burn clonecd images without clonecd or alcohol, in the case where the sub information is unimportant?

Originally posted by DinoMan

Does anybody know a freeware that can change a ccd and img into a cue and bin?
UltraISO 6.52

Hey Boskin, since you have it, can you tell us if you happen to know if it vonverts into format DiscJuggler can use?

Thx :slight_smile:

You can use the freeware CDManipulator:

I first backed-up a CD w DiscJuggler,
then converted .cdi to .iso :

afterwards converted .iso to .bin/cue

and finally burnt it w DiscJuggler .

Supports nearly all known CD image file formats (.ISO, .BIN, .IMG, .CIF, .NRG, .BWI and so on)
and converts them to the standard ISO form image.