How confident in BenQ's CD Scan reporting are we?



All my BenQ burnt discs burn amazingly well (95% might be my “worst” disc). I recently scanned a disc that locked up someone’s DVD settop player and errored out on a LITE-ON DVD-ROM. The BenQ scanned it NO PROBLEM WITHOUT EVEN SLOWING DOWN! :bow: And it did report a 59% for quality. I sort of wanted it to report a 0% since it locked a DVD settop player and completely errored out on a LITE-ON DVD-ROM!

Anyway, is the BenQ TOO good of a reader to trust CD Speed Scan results? Has anyone provided test data that validates the BenQ as accurate for PIE/PIF reporting?


My experience is that CDSpeed and the 1620 is NOT particularly good at showing a bad disc while doing a disc quality scan. The 1620 will not slow down when it hits a marginal area and it will not necessarily even show the error. To check for actual disc errors you really need to do a surface scan instead - especially when your quality report drops much below 80% or lower.

I was confused for two days by a near-perfect 95% disc quality score - yet I couldn’t read the disc. It wasn’t until I told CDSpeed to do a surface scan that I found a bad (red) sector that was the cause of my problems.


I think BenQ/CDSpeed scan is similar to Plextor/Plextools scan (particularly Plextor PX-712a). Here’s one example (although in that link I didn’t put Plextool sum1 PIF test). At lest the PIE scan looks similar.

I cannot comment on Lite-on/Kprobe scan because I don’t have a Lite-on