How complicated is it to hook up a new burner?



Ok… well id like to be able to install my own burners… wondering if its very complicated to do and if there are any guides to tel you how to do this (or if instructions come with the burner)



If you buy the retail version of the burner, the manual is included and usually it explains how to install it.

But if you buy the OEM version, no manual is included.

But the installation process is simple, if you have a minimal experience in installing other devices in your PC.


If you can plug/unplug two cables and insert 4 screws you can handle it. If you run into problems I’m sure there will be some here 24/7 to walk you through it.

There are two secrets to life: 1) Don’t tell everything you know… /.


Will there definately be a space for an extra burner on the cpu?


Hi :slight_smile:
Whilst this guide is primarily meant for Philips drives, it can be used for pretty much anything.


Ah… thats great… i was expecting it to be much more complicated than that… as soon as i get my first pay check, ill be buying a burner :smiley:

Just one more question… do most cpus have extra power cables hanging off them?


Nope, you seurely meant PSUs… right?


Yes thats it… for some reason i thought the power would go through the cpu first :stuck_out_tongue: uber noob


Hi :slight_smile:
You may have a spare power lead coming from PSU. If not just get a power splitter .


Brilliant :smiley: thanks for all your help


We have all been newbies once… :smiley:

Link to basic computer “how stuff works”.
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I have just been looking at this burner … would you say its a good choice to buy?


Edit, almost forgot, and I’ll add this first (you will get it when you read further), there is a conector similar to a pata conector (the ones that use the ribbon cable), but the conector is smaller. That is for a floppy drive only.

That is a very good burner (one of the more popular ones right now). Sometimes the best burner choice can be determined by what burner you already have and what will compliment it well, so what do you have?
A few other things. You might want to find out what power supply you have. I am a bit of an alarmist when it comes to power supplys (going to add that disclaimer after the last time I helped someone), but never the less, they are important.
Your cpu has nothing to do with how many burners you can run. you could run a half dozen burners off most cpu’s easilly.
Memory really doesn’t mater either unless you are going to have both burners burning at the same time.
It may seem like I’m complicating things, but trust me, its simple to add one, I’m just giving more information.
If you look inside your computer, you will have flat ribbon cables that go to your current drive and maybe hard drives. You most liklly have two motherboard conectors for these cables. Each conector can take two drives (two drives on one cable). See how many are used on your computer to tell you how many you have free. These ribon cable conectors are pata conectors. You may also have sata (the cables and conector will be small and skinny). Most opticals use the wide ones (pata) and hard drives can use both (but you have to have a matching type of hard drive).
As zebadee said, if you do not have a power conector from your power supply, you can use a spillter. If this is the only thing that you have added to your system, your power supply is probably fine (it doesn’t hurt to check it out to be safe). If you have done some upgrades (added pci cards, memory, beter video card, lots of usb/firewire devices, etc.), It might be more important to check out your power supply.

Fyi, power supply, power supply, power supply!!! Yea I said it three times. I’m defanatlly an alarmist when it comes to power supplys (anyone here can tell you they are very important though). On another thread I also recomended looking at the power supply, but got refuted by the experts (this was on a hard drive upgrade). there is actually some good info on checking out your power supply though (and info on upgrading drives, seeing if you have bays free), both pata and sata controlers and even a touch of raid. here is that thread, maybe you can find some usefull info in it.
here is the thread where I got refuted on the power supply (and to think, I gave him several links to this site, thats how he wound up posting there).
It might give a diffrent perspective (second opinion to mine, I like being safe and I like my computer to run well, and do not like taking risks).
Fyi, the power supply guide on that site is very good, should you find you need one.


yes, it’s a good burner, i thought about buying that one myself.


I have 2 of them (OEM, 1 crossflashed to retail, 1 still in box). Just use good media and you will be pleased with it.


I dont think you will find many bad opinions about the latest benq burners. They are fast and good readers, they scan good, they burn good…


And if you don’t intend on using Lightscribe, the Benq 1650 (non-lightscribe version of the 1655) may be a little cheaper.


Geez, I was looking to pick up this burner (Benq DW1655). Right now I have 4 Liteys, which I’m happy with, but I sorta always wanted a Benq. Right now it’s selling for $44.99 (on sale) at newegg, here. A little quick math and that comes to $71.30 for the link posted above. That really sucks…it is always this bad for you folks across the pond?.. :eek:


You’ll have your new burner hooked up in no time, thanks to the excellent advice given :iagree:

I too fancy a BenQ, Maineman :iagree: …even though the burners I have will last me for quite some time!


yep, including delivery and cost of the drive and tax, i paid 40 pounds, or about 75 bucks.