How come

Is it me or has dvdfab slowed down to the point of it’s infancy? Gee’s during vers.6,7& 8 it seemed as though copying speeds were phenominal between 10-15 mins to copy .now it takes 2 hours+?..Whats up? I’m using a dell with 7.I can’t believe it has slowed so badly.Since using 9qt standard disc it has become a chore:confused:

I have only used ver 9 a couple of times, and had no issues with the speed part.

What version are you on and is there any particular part that seemed to take the longest?
Was this a dual layer 8.5 gb disc ?

Well,I’musing the latest,9156.But even before this vers. the copy process was slowi.e. 0.45/mgpersec…slow…I used to have upwards of 7-10=mg per sec.I’m always using single disc,and I never use Blu-ray.It’s not the mem on hd or on the drive,It;s just painfully slow

to burn it to blank 10-15 mins…using img

I have noticed that when I insert a movie DVD into the optical drive, then Autoplay kicks off VLC Media player or WMP and starts to play the movie. Then if I use DVDFab to rip it to my hard drive, the rip rate is very slow. But if I kill VLC or WMP, then the rip rate immediately picks back up to an expected level.

I don’t use v.9 & I don’t plan to.
Using a fairly average dual core with AMD processor.
Vista OS.
DVDFab v. the lastest version 8QT .
Full Movie compressing to DVD-5 size.
6.75 MB/s TO 8.75MB/s
Total rip time 12min 27 seconds.

I have AutoPlay disabled on everything ASFIK.
Since texasjackson has had a problem with this .It is worth checking your AutoPlat settings.

Unchecked autoplay…copied abit faster 3.65mb’s at the fastest…took about an hour to copy…also disabled pathplayer…hmmmm…well at least it didn’t take alnight…I’m still wondering why it copies so slow…Jim

I think it is probably a conflict with some other software you have installed. I have copied several DVDs with v9.1.5.6 and it peaks at about 10.15 MB/s even using the drive in my laptop. I agree with everyone else, turn off autoplay for everything that uses your optical drive, or better still, just turn it off completely. Do not recommend turning off PathPlayer.

I’ve never had a problem with the speed at which dfab copied a movie before.It is an older computer, it has the pent 4,even still,never had a problem till now.Oh,btw I used vers.8229 to copy the movie. All the s/w is the same,I just upgraded to win 7 from xp.

Run DVDFab in safe mode with networking. You may have a startup app, service or driver that is causing contention for cpu and/or i/o resources. In safe mode with networking only the basic windows services required to run windows are loaded. Nothing that you installed on your computer will be running.

I just copied a double layer dvd (7.75GB) in about 16 minutes using safe mode.

I used my old IBM with Pentium 3 XP Pro OS. I know it to be slow .
I compressed the DVD fullmovie to a DVD-5 size to the hard drive.
Using v . The rip time was 1 hour 32 minutes.
That was about what I expected.

As cpubound suggested try safe mode with networking . What have you got to lose.

Ya know,cpu and you cholla have made me think that it might be my a/v program.I’m gonna need to try this hunch out.I’ll get back to ya’s as I can with the results…Thanks…Jim