How Come

Like why?? umm hhhm huuu how many drink here? so its hmmmm how come where is the drunk thread or I’ll make one, for drunks only :stuck_out_tongue:


should you be operating heavy machinery while drinking???

How Come

Because I said so

[QUOTE=samlar;2020299]How Come

Because I said so[/QUOTE]

Drinkers are all alike hoping no cops are around! :cop::bigsmile:

hey sometimes its funny to see what they write in forums while drinking…then a few days later never remember saying it

SS…that’s very entertaining indeed :smiley:

It almost got me banned from one forum. :bigsmile: Its been lately Irish cream for me.

Hey, great thread… I’m half pi$$ed after an afternoon ‘sesh’

I can control my fingers though, so my typing isn’t too bad :slight_smile:

hey james…long time no see …hows it going ?

Going through my Bookmarked Fav found this Drunk thread :bigsmile: