How Come?

I have just burned an audio cd via Nero on a NEC 3540 to play on standard cd player,
Played it back on my Sony stand alone player, and it jumps all over the place,I tried another disc at a lower speed, same problem, tried another make of disc, same problem???

I then tried the same burn on my Yamaha F1 cd burner, perfect, why is that?
Is the laser on the Nec knackered, burns Dvd ok :a

It could be that the NEC doesn’t like that particular media. If you can try a different make of disc and burn at a slightly slower speed. If the problem persists then its possible that the burner is on the way out.

Too Fast Burned!

The cd I created on my Yamaha which was a good burn I have just used Clone cd with my Nec 3540 to copy and it`s perfect, dont get this,

If I use Nero to compile an audio cd then burn it from Nero using Nec 3540 drive the disc skips on my stand alone Sony cd player, if I just use Clone cd to copy a music disc it plays fine?

Any ideas?

probably because clonecd is burning at a lower speed :wink:

I wonder which version of Nero the OP is using…remember the mp3pro.dll audio-skipping problem in Nero 7? :wink:

Hey, it’s a possibility, if CloneCD is working OK :slight_smile:

I am burning 48x speed at 24x in both clone cd and Nero, it`s not a speed issue did you say there was a bug in Nero?

Cough which version of Nero?

Yes, if you’re using Nero 7 (any version), the mp3pro.dll file in the AudioPlugins folder is dodgy…you need to replace it with an mp3pro.dll from an earlier Nero version (6.6.x.x should do fine).

burn at 16x :slight_smile:

I always burn my audio at 16x…it’s my preference, though. :slight_smile:

me too… cant believe i used to burn at 48x :doh: lol

I use Nero 7, how do i replace the mp3 file I have Nero 6, do I have to install that and extract the old mp3 plugin?

Then do i install Nero 7 and replace the mp3 plugin?

That’s about right :iagree:

I’d upload the mp3pro.dll file I’m using (zipped of course), but attachments are down right now.

Any chance you could email the file to me?

Send me your email addy in a Private Message (you’ll probably get spammed to hell if you post in on the forum), and I’ll zip it up and send it to you.

I’m using Nero 7 myself, with a file taken from Nero 6.something, and it works well for me. :slight_smile:

Edit: don’t forget to let us know if it solves your problem…and when you replace the file, do try to burn at 16x, as suggested by haveacigar. :wink:

Thanks for that Arachne,Problem solved, just shows you, the latest is not always the best. I thought my Nec drive was on it`s way out, (phew)

Thanks again :bow:

Excellent, glad it worked. :slight_smile:

Nero 7 (every revision of it) has had this bug, to the best of my knowledge, they still haven’t figured it out with version :eek:

This is extremely annoying. The funny thing is if I burn a few different copies and even when I burn an image of it, it always skips at the exact same parts!

actually… its is probably the speed of burning or the media you are using

it happens even when burning an image… and it’s not the speed, burner, or media… it’s a bug in Nero. Anyways, I just replaced my mp3pro.dll with v2.0.4.7 and it works perfectly fine.