How come when I put a CD or DVD in my computer it doesn't give me any options on what to do

you know how you put a Cd or Dvd in you computer a little popup comes up and asks you if you want to open folder to view files or play in windows media player or take no action.Welll i dont get that but when i open up windows media centre i am able to play it,same goes for cd’s except this time i choose to play it with windows media player,and it works fine however i still dont get the options list.
Another thing is you know when you click on my computer it you see the drive which plays dvds and cds.The icon doesnt change its like nothing happned.

my computer specs

Dell dimension E521
Amd 64 athlon x2
Windows Vista Premium.

Also this used to work fine before i intalled and messed about with this easy dvd shrink

Go to Control panel > Hardware and Sound>Play CD’s or other media automatically
Then put check mark on “Use autoplay for all media and devices” then use pull downs to set default for different media types.
Then click on “Save”.

it does work now thanks mate i owe u

[QUOTE=12stealth;2113170]it does work now thanks mate i owe u[/QUOTE]

Also get a spyware or rootkit program detector and scan to make sure you didn’t get a infection that is blocking your auto pop play feature.

[QUOTE=12stealth;2113170]it does work now thanks mate i owe u[/QUOTE]

Glad it worked and welcome aboard at CDFreaks.:slight_smile: