How come there's no Mt. Rainier in Asus CRW-5232AS?

Guys, I just noticed that my CRW 5232AS come with no Mt. Rainier. FutureProof, or anyone could you guys explain this why this could happened? thank you

Mt Rainer is a standard to drag and drop files onto a CDRW disc without third party software i.e. InCD or DirectCD. Both the drive and the OS have to support it. XP does not. Supposed to be supported in Longhorn. We’ll see.

It’s a Microsoft thing and wont be cheap to licence for 3rd parties

but Nero InfoTools told me that my 4824A support Mt. Rainier, and my 5232AS has no Mt. Rainier supported.

Did Asus remove this feature for some reason???

Mt. Rainier is not really good on the market lol.
SO far only a few Drives support it if im not wrong.
Its not that popular i think.
Rumoured to be in longhorn but who buys longhorn when its released ? :Z

Here a link what Mt. Rainier is:

nothing less impressive than native Windows support for DVDs likely build into Longhorn (yawn) :slight_smile:

Could you, please help me with this issue