How come noone is using SimpleDIVX?



I’m somewhat of a newbie to DVD backups. And I found out about SimpleDIVX and its the easiest decent-output software I’ve encountered without too much hassle of configurations and settings. How come noone else is using it here?

Anways, for testing, I converted my orig Resident Evil DVD into 700mb xvid avi file.

  1. DVDShrink - Reauthor the main movie file with just english audio/subtitle. Output was all stored in the VIDEO_TS folder. Took about 20 mins.
  2. SimpleDIVX 1.4 beta - Convert the output of DVDShrink to AVI (xvid and mp3 or acl) using 2-pass. Took about 2 hrs.

I will post a mini tutorial once I get the hang of it more, but I was just curious why noone is using this approach as it seems so much easier than the other ways.


why would you create your avi(s) from the output of dvdshrink? the quality would be higher if you created them from the original dvd. you’re already losing quality by compressing first with dvdshrink, then losing more by compressing again into avi.

as for why nobody uses simpledivx, it’s probably because AutoGK (aka: Auto Gordian Knot) is the most popular gui for dvd to avi conversion.


I just use DVDShrink as a method to remove all the unnecessary crap (menus, extras, etc) because SimpleDIVX (for some reason) had the IFO pointing to the wrong part of the movie when reading directly from the drive. Anyways, I made sure the compression was 100% in DVDShrink so their should be no quality loss in that part.

I will check that AutoGK out. Thanks!


FairUse Wizard ( is my preference.


Woah!! That was super easy!! I was about to try the AutoGK, but went ahead and tried the Fair Use Wizard first!! Man, thanks for saving me a lot of headaches!! WOOHOO!!


Yeah, I tried both and loved FairUse Wizard… its all in one program too, where AutoGK seems to install many external programs…