How come LG cdrw not on the Elby website as being supported?

The LG writers are not list at the new Elby website anym ore, what gives. They had one that actually did the sd 2.51

they are supported…look under Hitachi/LG

The LG writers are a bit confusing. Some writers can do it and some can’t. Since the reports were contradicting I think Olli has decided to mark them as EFM incapable (read this thread for more info). Please note that this is what I think is the case. At the moment I can’t access the Elaborate Bytes website to see what has changed in the supported writers lists.


I have the LG 8320B and I can make copies of SD 2.51 (MOHAA an RENEGADE) perfectly. (CloneCd—Last one).

I don’t understand why you put as EFM uncapable.