How come I cant enable dma in windows 98se?

I have a liteon 24102b and have no problem in windows xp home. (I’m running a duel boot) However, I can’t enable it in windows 98se. I can enable it on my dvd rom drive, also a liteon. But when I check off the dma box for my burner, everything seems to go ok untill after the reboot . Once it reboots, the box is unchecked again. :confused: I also tried shutting off the dma on the dvd, which is the master, but my burner, which is the slave, still wouldn’t hold the setting. Anyone have any ideas???

Try installing the latest motherboard chipset drivers.

In Device Manager | Sound, video and game controllers, disable DOS Soundblaster emulation if it is enabled.

In the system BIOS, if the parallel port is set to ECP, change it to standard or enhanced mode.

Both of the above suggestions will free a DMA channel if implemented.

Thanks for the reply, I’ll give it a try tonight after work.

OK< I had to take a peak in my bios before I took off for work :slight_smile:
Heres what I found. Under the par. port settings there was a dma setting and it was set to off. The options game me dma 2 or dma 3. I figure that should straighten me out when I make the change tonight (no time now in case something doesn’t go as planned).

My latest question is this: How come I have to enable it in the bios for windows 98 and not xp??? It shows up no prob in xp. ??

Usually it is via chip bugs!
Try to install IDE miniport driver may solve the problem.
Of course it may produce another problem!? :bigsmile:


You don’t have to enable DMA in the BIOS. My advice was to disable a parallel port DMA channel (if it was in use) to be freed for use in case all DMA channels were used. Leave the parallel port setting alone. You don’t want to enable the DMA for the parallel port because it will remove the availability of that channel for other devices.

DMA channel availability is not likely to be the problem, otherwise you would probably have the same problem in WinXP.

zanwang must have telepathic powers, as he is advising you to use a VIA driver without knowing which chipset you have. :cool:

Nevertheless, it is on the right track and was my first suggestion:

Try installing the latest motherboard chipset drivers. :wink:

Yeah, I messed around in the bios and didn’t have any better results. I now see what you mean about the settings. Guess I better look at downloading some new chipset drivers and give that a shot.
Thanks again.

Well, I just went to dell and checked and apparently, I am using the latest chipset drivers. :confused: