How come formatting takes so long

well i just got a bunch of useless hdd’s and my dad told me to reformat them. All of them seem to format quickly but all of a sudden i hit this one hdd and its taking forever to format. is it my computer or the HDD?

Probably a damaged HD.

Try to do a checkdisc on it

okay thanks for the suggestion

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

Hey geno88…I´ve seen some commercial programs for reformatting HDs - does it make any sense to use these, or is the Windows system good enough?

The windows one is good. I haven’t problems with it.

To use commercial ones or windows one is a matter of personal choice. If you only need to do formatting, then you can use windows. If you need to do some other operations (like manage partitions for example), maybe a commercial software can be a better choice. To check the hardware, usually each manifacturer (Maxtor, Hitachi, etc) produce its own tools, and usually this tool is free.

It’s all related to the user’s needs

wtf commercial reformatting hd’s thats an interesting one. usually you need a small hdd for your programs and you OS and you buy a bigger one to hold whatever you want. right?

Also this is a matter of choice. Usually OS don’t require too much space: a 40 GB for OS and programs should be more than good. Most of disc usage is to store data.

For convenience I keep all programs and files I´m working on on the HD of my laptop, and run 3 seperate HDs (Trekstor 60, 250,& 300) - each has a different function. Just more tidy that way.
Only once ran into a problem with reformatting - after a bad crash which involved overheating and the physical destruction of my internal HD. When everything was repaired and reinstalled I f***ed something up and couldn´t get back into my Maxtor…eventually reformatted it but it never worked properly again. I sent it back to Maxtor and never heard anything (6 months ago). Claimed $ from my local dealer and bought the 300GB Trekstor.
The weirdest part however was it was impossible to uninstall the software for the Maxtor (no longer had the install disc cos I had sent everything to Maxtor). Took forever to get rid of it - and still found traces when I ran Ccleaner a few days ago.

that is true geno. only 40 gigs for your OS and 400 gigs for whatever the freak you want!