How come DVD next copy's Support is so Bad

I have now owned DVD next copy for about 4 years.
They use to be really good with there support and
if there was an issue they would React to the issue
and they would fix it. But withing the last few month’s
I have personally sent them 4 or more support ticket’s
About certain movies not backing up Glitches.
These movies will not back up.

  1. Hunger Games 2
  2. Enders Game
  3. Escape
  4. Red 2

These will not back up the entire DVD so I tried Movie Only.
It says it completed But the Chapters are not in order
and 1/2 way in it freezes and that is the end of it.
I have tried Machinist2.2 and Libdvdcss-2.dll.
They both have the same out come.
So I put in a support ticket 2 weeks ago.
No reply and then it got deleted no more ticket.
So I did it again same thing The ticket got deleted.
So Fri I sent in another support ticket it sat there
with no response no one even got assigned to it.
So this A.M. I went to check the support ticket
and It’s gone it got deleted again. So I am done with DVD next copy.
I have lost all respect for them they just don’t care.
BUT Now I need suggestions on what software is the best one to
acquire. I buy and backup an average of 6-8 movies a month.
I need one that decrypts and also burns.
Can some one lead me in the right direction.
Thanks for letting me ramble on and complain but when
you spend hard earned money on a product
you would expect some sort of support.
Thanks again for letting me ramble.