How come different web sites / product lines?

I was tellin’ my bud about DVDFab Decrypter, and he said he did a google search and found two sites, and was confused about the product line:

He said he could not find DVDFab Decrypter listed on the home pages and had to do a different search to find it:

I’ve always just gone to BetaNews, but in looking at the links, it seems kind of strange to have two different setups like that and with DVDFab Decrypter not being directly linked from the front page. There is a link on the bottom of the Download page, but it’s de-emphasized.

Anyone able to fill me in on what is up?

Is the DVDIDLE site going to go down soon or just redirect to the DVDFab site, and the product line-up totally streamlined?

Just wonderin’


It was a move fentato made awhile back in order to keep product available as he was having problems with payer service because of legalities. He removed Platinum & Gold from Dvdidle to with a none css copies available on DVDFab .Com. Now he has been able to move the CSS versions to DVDFAB .com. It was a somewhat complicated situation to understand. Hope this helps.


Thanks - it does, and I appreciate it.