How come B7M9 is not officaily realeased?

I also have seen some speed issues with this new firmware. Is it posible to reflash with the older K version?

Yes I think you can flash back. I did it with L, but went back to M. M is offically released.

i went to the us download page and europe one and there is no such version yet

Funny . The only official page that i have found it and able to read it ,is Australia

Yes you can flash back, I have done so to test something and then flashed back
to the B7M9

So i guess if you were to chose between the M and the K firmware u will choose tha last realeased? I am asking you coz I have seen that it only improves testing quality and id lowers speed on some media

I find this official enough :slight_smile:

Well I just got my drive as the latest firmware came out so I used it.

I suppose mostly for the scanning ability seeing I have no other drive to scan with.

Try both and see what works best for your media is about all I can suggest.

Official Benq firmware

Thank you guys . I see it’s peratty much official. I was confused coz so many Benq pages(regional -Eu,Usa) still kept the l version as the last

I’m using Windows 2003, can I just flash or do I need to put my dvdwriter in my other computer first?