How Clean Is Your Home?



I was watching a TV commercial for a program where two ladies go into a persons home and inspect how clean it is. Obviously for TV purposes they pick the dirtiest places they can.

I was wondering do we have people sitting in there own filth here or people who must have a clean home.

Post here so that we can see who we are dealing with.


Clean, yes.
A complete mess of clothes, CD’s, phone-chargers, phones, reciepts, swiss army knifes, scribbled paper, remote controls, screwdriver and more paper, yes too. But I find my way around, most of the time.


The maid here keeps it clean…
And since I am out of the house most of the day (and sleeping most of the remainder), not that much time to make the place dirty…


If things start moving or smelling , it’s time to clean


I clean yearly, whether it needs it or not.


The Misses Keeps The Home Tidy. I Just Look After The Computer

I couldn’t have said it better myself. This is how it works at my place.


I do half the housework (well maybe more like 35% :p).
IMHO it’s only fair to my wife, she probably works harder at her job then I do.

We try and keep a tidy house. We could probably do housework a little more often but it never gets really bad.