How change book type?

I have a BTC external Usb 2.0 dual-layer.How can change book type (dvd+dl to dvd rom)?

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Nero can do this job for you (look in recorder settings, more options, I guess)
at you should also find a BTC bitsetting tool.


My nero does not have the option of changing the booktype is there another solution

How does the preset booktype tool work

I have no idea about it and have never used it. I don’t have a BTC drive sorry. Maybe someone else will post.

which version of Nero are you using? You can also try to bitset with Nero CD/DVD Speed.

im running version Is it supposed to burn the booktype first?

Why are you still running when the update is free???
If your nero doesn’t do it, than start by updating it before looking else where???

ok i updated to nero

but now it took off my nero burning rom and other files other than nero express, back it up, and cover designer. Can somebody explain how i can get my other programs back

the best software to change book type is DVD Decrypter, but your DVD drive must support this. Check if your DVD unit drive support to change book type, as hardware capabilities.


why do you respawn a 2 years old thread?