How can you tell what make your blank dvd's are?




After reading a few messages/posts on this forumn about blank media I decided to try and find some “Taiyo Yuden” so I did a search on ebay using the code “TYG02” and came up with this.
200 DVD-R 8x Blankmedia (TY G02) A-Grade. Item number: 5233164700
So I order it from Switzerland (I live in the uk) it came yesterday but knowhere on the DvD’s is this code TYG02. Is there anywhere I can look on net too see what make of DvD’s are by using the code supplier on the individual DvD’s?

I was thinking about sending these back but they was cheap and no idea in the cost involved in sending items to Switzerland from uk.


Try using this to find out the media code


Cheers mate will check it when I get home as I dont have the code on me.


If you bought it on eBay, it’s probably fake. DVD Identifier will tell you TYG02, but that doesn’t make it authentic. Have a look at the center ring for a serial number starting with “GG” or “GD” (I forget what a TYG02 should have). If you don’t see that, it’s not real Taiyo Yuden.

For a good source in the UK, the recommended site seems to be


Well the identifier did not recognise my dvd the code in the middle of the dvd is -8x f01 m130 4 2 a 0502261842-631, dvd-r m-803.

Oh well live and learn i guess :frowning:


According to your stated serial it’s a fake TY.


In the future if you want to avoid the hassle and get TY, check out SVP and order the 8x or 16x unbranded TY as they are 100% authentic.