How can you tell the make of a Cd-R?

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Just bought recently some Taiyo Yuden white face, printable cd-r’s. There’s no mention of TY anywhere… is there a way to tell? Perhaps the numeric code around the inner ring?
How would you know what they are in other words? Thanks.

The ATIP of a CD contains that information.

You can get some tools here.

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CDR Identifier reads the ATIP (Absolute Time In Pregroove) information which is prerecorder on a CD-R(W) disc. The ATIP code contains information about the manufacturer, dye type and capacity of the CD-R(W) disc. Since most CD-R(W) discs manufacturers don’t produce their own CDs, is CDR Identifier an invaluable tool that shows the real manufacturer of a CD-R(W) disc. It will help you identify high or low quality discs. The only question is, are there manufacturers who tamper with the ATIP information and make low quality discs look like high quality ones?

You can download the most versions here. The cdfreak link doesn’t work anymore , since it redirects to

Be wanred : The product may reboot your system if it’s a Dell.

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CDSpeed > Extra > Disc Info

the latest CDDVD Speed is 2.11

…here’s the list of the manufacturer ( & more ) ID utilities :

SmartBurn 3.17

Feurio 1.67 ( CD Writer > Extras > Output ATIP info )

Nero CDSpeed ( Extra > Disc Info ), Nero InfoTool ( Disc tab ) - both can be found here

CDR Identifier 1.63

KProbe ( Disc Info tab )

CD Doctor ( Info tab )

Thank you all for your time and knowledge. I shall try your suggestions. :slight_smile: