How can you tell if the orginal DVD is double layered?

Other than by the length of the movie, just how can you tell if a store bought or rental DVD movie is doubled layered other than by guessing according to the length?


Probably one of the easiest methods to obtain disc info is to pop the disc in your drive and open Nero CD-DVD Speed. Just click on the disc info tab. If you don’t have it, just click on the link… :wink:

You can’t tell when you are in the store unless the packaging happens to state, for example, that it is a single sided dual layer DVD (SS/DL). The length of the movie is an unreliable method due to the different bit rates that DVD’s can be authored with.

Just put the DVD into your drive and right-click that drives “Properties”. If the data-size readout is larger than 4.37GB then it has to be double layered because only 4.37GB of data will fit on a single layer (some drives report 4.38GB as the maximum).

BTW: be careful about mentioning “rental” on cdf. No accusations, but it is against cdf rules to help members copy rentals.

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