How can you tell if it's dvd-rom with pio 108

well the thing is when i burn a dvd+r with piodata 108 it turn out to be dvd+r in nero cd/speed test . It indicate dvd+r at the bottom. Is there something wrong? But when i check the media in DVDinfo it say bootype dvd-rom media dvd+r… is it suppose to be like that or have i done something wrong? can you guys help me out i’m quite confuse about it :confused: .How can you tell if it turn out to be dvd-rom?

ther newer versions of CD speed will show what the disc ‘really’ is rather than what the booktype is.

where do you find that on nero site?

your already using the newer version thats why its showing what the disc really is +R, do you get it now? the disc will always really be a +R its only the booktype that changes when you booktype a +R to DVD-ROM, if your using the PIO FW your discs will be booktyped to DVD-ROM so stop worrying.

Just hit the disc info button (the purple disc) in cd-dvd speed, that should have a field for booktype.