How can you extract a mp3 off a ripped album of mp3's?

extract a mp3 off a ripped album of mp3’s? is this a stupid


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A cd full of mp3’s is a data cd. So you can just copy a mp3 track from the cd to your harddisk with the help of explorer. You can play it with Winamp, you can convert it to wav with Winamp (diskwriter plugin) or Nero (automagically converts mp3 to wav when you are burning an audio cd).

say you have made a hole cd,one mp3,now i want just certain songs off the mp3 rip, how can i do it.

You want to extract 1 song from 1 big mp3 file (consisting of several songs)? Then you need a tool to cut the mp3 file. Try searching google with ‘mp3 cut’ as search arguments.

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just try an audio editor program.
(like SoundForge)
-open the mp3 file
-cut & paste your piece of sound to another new file…
-and so on… simple!:smiley:


Use MP3 Direct Cut.

the easiest and fastest way to cut out parts of a mp3 and lossles!.