How can you create a .cue for a .bin file?

I have a couple of .bins that are missing their .cue files. Bin2iso crashed when I attempt to make them. Is there any way to burn it without a cue or just create a cue file?

You can use for example IsoBuster to extract the images. If you don’t know what is in it, it will be hard to recreate the *.cue files.

How can I burn it then? I extract the stuff using isobuster, but can I convert the BIN back to an ISO or create a cue? Is there a guide or faq?

When you have extracted the files from the bin image, you can burn the files using Nero or for example Easy CD Creator.

The best FAQ is perhaps the search function available on this forum, for tips on the search read my sticky post in the newbie forum.

you can also use CDRwin for making and burning cue/bin files

So I isobust the files then burn it that way? Will that work for game backups for like JK2 etc?

I’ve also got 2 VCD bins with no cues, so how can i do that?

make the cue files yourself…or try to find them on the internet

all you guys need is a cue maker you load your bin and it creats a cue file love the prog saved my ass a few can get it here,39000587,39015678s,00.htm