How can you copy protect your own dvds?

Question in the title.

Encrypt them.

Any software recommendations for doing just that? preferably freeware.

Also, wouldn’t programs like DvD Decrypter bypass the encryption? ifso, then is their much point?


No,you can set a key all your own so the files are only available to you.Google is your friend.

Then how dose DvD Decrypter manage to break mainstream dvds?

Do forgive my newbness. :sad:

Google is your friend.

Google is also full of spammy results and makes looking for a needle in a haystack seem reasonable. If you’re not qualified for the task then just be honest instead of pointing at Google. :wink:

Are you talking about protecting data files or your home movies?If it is the latter than one you would have to contract with a movie distributor and play big money for something that can be broken with a number of programs.If it is data then yes encrypt it and unless someone is very good your data is safe.

Search the forum. You’ll see your question has been asked dozens of times. The answer is still ‘You Can’t’…


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Thanks for clearing that up.

You can use [B]copy protect dvd[/B] Software for yourself.

The poster wants to ADD protection to home dvds not remove protection

You replied to a spammer :bigsmile: