How Can you Copy A 2 sided DVD onto 1 Disc?

Using CloneDvd2. I have a 2 sided dvd 1:30 min. on each side. Anyone know a way I can copy both sides onto 1 disc? I have tried to use DVD Decrypter with no luck. Unable to save both sides in one folder without changing file names which hasn’t worked either. Any and all info welcomed. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE.

You can’t. You can either use DVDShrink, or - what I would prefer - burn to 2 blank discs.

No way to save both sides to hard drive then burn to one disc?

As of today - not with elby CloneDVD2.
You could combine the discs (without menus) using DVDShrink in Reauthor mode and burn with CloneDVD2. Too much hassle, just use two blanks and put them in one box. A blank only costs some cents nowadays.

Doesn’t dvdremake pro have an option to do this, too? I think I remember reading about it. You can check the dvdremake forum for more info on that if you really want to combine the two sides.

DVD2One can do this with the “Join” feature. You will however, lose the menus.