How can you burn a compilation?

Hi. Complete noob here. I started off with Nero but after a week of maxed out hard drive and crap burns i downloaded clone and i am much happier with the results. The vob files dont take up half the space.

Anyway. I want to burn 2-3 films to one dvd, but i cant work out how, or even if it is posssible. If not, can anyone tell me how i can do it?


they had better be short movies or else they get compressed and look bad.

get the movies onto your hard drive. use dvd shrink – freeware – to re-author: click on the re-author tab and drag and drop from the menu of items on your hard drive. re-authoring will create a new video-ts folder on your hard drive. burn using clonedvd.

the disc will not have menus. you’ll have to select the title number you want to play on your dvd player. it is possible to use a menu from one of the dvds you’re planning to use, and it’s also possible to create your own menu with roxio media creator or other software, but these processes are more complicated.