How can you be so dumb?! GeForce 7800 GTX [READ THIS!]



Sorry, but this is kinda sad and hilarious at the same time.


What was he thinking? :confused:

Here’s the result of his brainy work:


that has the words OWNED wrote all over it…lol


“my friend can build a computer so i asked him how to do it. hes really good with computers”


Funny. But I think its a prank no one could be that stupid. Maybe the pic is photoshopd


it aint that hard to chop a bit off, you could do that with the paint line tool.


Noob :wink:


Want a bet! I think Debro has seen the light on how stupid some people can really be.


Chuckle, chuckle. No one paying $500 will chop it off. Clearly edited, the slots don’t look right on the bottom anyway.


The universe IS finite. The only immeasurable quantity is “human stupidity”.

im·meas·ur·a·ble ( P ) Pronunciation Key (-mzhr--bl)

  1. [li]Impossible to measure. See Synonyms at incalculable.[/li][li] Vast; limitless[/li][/quote]


Well, depending on how it’s cut, it should still work, actually… if you cut it in the right place, then all you’ll be doing is disabling the final 8 channels and changing a x16 card into a x8 card, which doesn’t actually impact performance because the PCIe bus bandwidth is not the bottleneck. Tom’s Hardware did a test a while ago where they didn’t cut off the card itself, but taped off sections of it, effectively turning a x16 card into a x8 card, a x4 card, and even a x1 card.

My computer, because I got a Dell SC420 (it’s a server; not intended for desktop use) only has a x8 slot and no x16 slot, so I had the option to either cut off part of my card or to cut the end of the slot itself so that I could fit in a x16 card; I opted to cut the slot and not the card (it was easier; the card is tough!), so I currently have a x16 card running in a x8 slot. But I did this with an inexpensive ATi card (x300SE [without HM, thank goodness]; cost my only $40 USD because I got it refurbed) because I’m not a gamer. But when you are dealing with one of those ridiculously priced card that cost more than what I paid total for my entire system, then that’s a different story. :wink:


:bow: :bow: cool one!


That sounds like quite a cool mod, personally I wouldn’t attempt things like that!


That’s one way to get rid of your money i guess :slight_smile: