How can we re-encode movies that are too big and lose quality?



I was wondering. If a movie is, say, larger than 7 gigs, and when you use DVD2one it comes out blocky at 4.36 gigs…Does anyone know how to re-encode the movie to make it look better, so that it won’t look blocky? Does anyone know of any free software available that you can run the original files through, that will make the final movie look almost as good as the original 7 gig version, without the blockiness? I love DVD2one, but now suddenly there are DVDs of 90 min movies that have the movie at about 7 gigs in size, and when reduced to fit a DVD-R with DVD2one, the quality suffers. I have never used a re-encoder, and don’t know how to…If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.



I use dvd decrypter to rip and then run it through dvdshrink. Try the dvd help files.


for movies greater than 6.5GB, I use Pinnacle InstantCopy. DVD2One is awesome for movies under 6.5GB…


muralin can u tel me how to use Pinnacle InstantCopy ??

i have it and i don’t know how to use it .

i want full disc not movie only …


Some moderator please move this to an appropriate forum - this thread has no relevance to dvd2one - call me a fool but it really really bugs me when people do not have the decency to post in the correct forums. :frowning:


Sorry if you don’t think this is relevent to DVD2one, but I was only looking for advice on how DVD2one can make the quality of movies larger than 7gigs look better than it currently does. Moving this to another forum still doesn’t answer my question…Is there a re-encode program available that will make movies larger than 7 gigs look better (no blockiness) before I can shrink the movie with DVD2one?



@ Carlos Garcia

Personally, I would wait for the next version of DVD2one. You may be pleasantly surprised.

If time is of the essence then go with muralin or nmpaulcp.


Carlos Im not attacking you - but what you ask explicit has nothing to do with dvd2one - you say so yourself. You are not content with the quality of dvd2one under certain circumstances and need advice on some other way of reencoding that will give better quality. This is all very well - I do understand your question - but since this forum deals with specific questions about dvd2one you will propably not get to many answers here.

Instead you should look into one of the thousands of guides on the net explaining how to reencode using other tools, like cce, avisynth, tmpgenc, etc. etc.

Google is a very good searchtool for this :wink: is a place to start for instance - they have alot of guides and information about your subject.


ok i know that DVD2One doesn’t touch the audio . so does IC re-encode the audio ??


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