How can these two scans get the same score?

I obviously don’t know much about Nero CD-DVD Speed. How can these two scans possibly get the same quality score? Comparing an ave PI error of 34.22 to 8.87, and an average PI failure of .66 to .13?
Thanks for any help.

Quality score is based on Max PIF. As you can see, both scans have a Max PIF of 4 which translates to 90 score. You can clearly see the limitation of CD-DVD Speed.

Thanks for the response. I have KProbe also, will that show me more meaningful results? Of course I will still need to learn to interpret KProbe, and it will not scan what I burn on my NEC 2500A.

Kprobe (and cd/dvdspeed) will scan any disc written on any writer.

But the scanning drive must be one of the supported writers (Aka, for kprobe -> liteons).

Any result over 90% quality is fine.

For Kprobe, the passable disc limits are 4 / 280. which correlates to cdspeeds approximate 32/280.

You just need to get a better understanding of what a PI/PIF scan is telling you, that’s all. Check here for some info - As has been mentioned, CD-DVD Speed reports its ‘score’ based only on the max PIF level of the scan. While the max PIF is one of the main factors in deciding the overall quality of the burn, there are several other factors of differing importance to be observed in a test scan. Beyond the max PIF, PIF totals, PI max and totals, jitter (for drives that report it), concentrations of PIFs and if there are consistent elevated levels of PIF errors or only single spikes - all are factors to consider in addition to max PIF when it comes to judging a disc’s burn quality.

For future reference, lower is, of course, better when it comes to errors. Also, although lower is, as I said, better, elevated PI levels are of much less concern vs. elevated PIF levels. Simply put, high PIF levels are the primary concern.