How can it be?

I recently bought a 832s and have a lot’s of troubles with the cheap media at 4X speed, especially with the Memorex +R 4X (CMC MAGF01) which btw burn fine on MSI burner.
If I burn at 2X everything is fine but at 4X it is a catastrophe, 2 of 4 failed, parts of DVD is unreadable and one of them is completely unrecognizable by the drive.

Well, nothing new here, BUT if I run K-probe result are excellent for all bad discs (except for unrecognizable one where k-probe can’t start).
If I burn Princo -R 4X at 4X speed disk is hard to read but as expected K-probe reports bad results.

Question is why K-probe gives good results on a bad discs?

K-probe 2.2.2.
Nero (Oslo tried Nero express with same results)

Thx in advance

get nero
and k-probe 2.2.3

then see how you do

your nero is very old

You need to post a kprobe test to say by what you mean good results on bad disks. I have gotten princo’s to burn @ 4x using write strategy swapping. But I can get them to burn @ 2x as good as the better media so I stick with that unless it is something I do not mind being marginal.

This is burnt @ 4x it is redable but slows down at some points…

See the scans in the other posts…

do as ken said. I have a 812@832 and it burns cmc mag f01 nicely at 4x.

OK I’ll go for update and post results.