How can I watch TV on my MSI MX-440?



Hi Guys,

I have a MSI MX-440 GeForce 4 Graphics card and it has a ariel to receive TV signals.

I was wondering if there were any software both Freeware of Commercial (I don’t mind paying for it) software that I could use to turn in Terrestial TV channels so that I can watch my favourite programmes on my PC.

I like in the U.K and we have about 5 Terrestial channels so I hope someone can help me out.

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:


after checking what the MX 44o has i found that it had TV Out but cannot recieve TV signals.


Hi Robbo, thanks for your reply. I checked the CD and I don’t think that there was any software what im after.

Thanks for the tip though I shall search for PVR programs now that I know what to look for. :wink:


You will need a TV tuner card as well as your MX440 doesn’t have a tuner or any way to input an external signal into your PC. All it can do is display your PC output on a TV set using a composite video or svideo lead.


Sorry my post is a month late Mender but I appreciate your info. Looks like I need a TV Card or a graphics card with VIVO.


VIVO --> You need a tuner such as a VCR


Since you are in the UK, I would suggest a DVB card (if you are in an area that has acceptable digital reception) instead of a standard tuner.