How can I watch one program and record a differnt one on Virgin media



I just bought a Toshiba RDXV59DTKB2 HDD and DVD video cassette recorder and in the advertising blurb it said that I can watch one program and record a different one. I am using the Virgin Media cable network and try as I can, I just cannot do this. The Toshiba user manual does not even seem to mention it, despite their advertisemets saying that this is possible. Can someone tell me, in layman’s terms please, how I can record one channel on Virging media’s cable network whilst watching a different one using the Toshiba RDXV59DTKB2 HDD and DVD video cassette recorder. There seems to be no point in recoding a program that I am already watching. Appreciate your time, Dan McLean near Glasgow.


Did you find out how to do it? If so can you help please?


Hi, what I had to do was to buy a cable amplifier/splitter from Argos. The cable signal goes to the input of the splitter and one output goes direct to the TV and the other output goes to the recorder. It takes a lot of fiddling with remote controls but you are able to watch one TV program whilst recording a different one. Hope this helps, Dan