How can I verify a burned disc image?

In NERO, you can click verify an image to make sure that it is burned correctly after the burn, which I always do, as my writer is a bit tempremental.
Anyway, my computer crashed during this process, but I want to verify the disc with the image on my HDD now, to make sure it still wrote ok.

Is there a program that will do this outside of Nero?


CDCheck has a function comparing files although I’m not sure if this also works when you got the image. You could mount it in DTools comparing the files.

Just discovered that ImgBurn will do it. (

Thanks for the help tho!

There’s at least two utilities I can think of that will verify a dics against an ISO image:

  • ImgBurn (in Verify mode) [Freeware]
  • DVDInfoPro [Shareware/Adware]

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