How can i use locate my 300g external hardrive?

I am writting to know if anybody can help me.
I bought a Samsung 300 g external hardrive. I didn’t need to install it, as my windows xp already supports this device…
I am trying to locate it on the laptop, but i can’t… can someone help me?
I check on the manager device, and on the USB’s, I can see the external hardrive…
I go to my Pc, but no sign of it…

Please i have my latop’s hardrive full and i need to transfer it to my external one!!!

Thanks you!!!

if it’s in the disk management console, but not in “my computer” then are you sure the drive has been formatted?

First of all, thanks for answering me back. I was away for the week end…
As a newbie… you are going to laugh… you are so right and didn’t formatted it. I just got the answer from the guys i bought it from…


Just in case, someone is like me… here i leave the steps i followed.

Before the very 1st use of your unit, you need to ensure that you format it.

Here are the steps to format:

  1. ensure you have plug both power adaptor and the USB cable
  2. Switch on the unit
  3. go to my computer icon on your desktop
  4. right click on the icon, go to manage, go to disk management
  5. You should see disk 0, disk 1 and cr rom on the right side
    (disk o is your current harddisk storage, DO NOT FORMAT that. Disk 1 would be your new harddisk (if you are currently have 1 hdd only))
  6. there should be a red sign and it said unallocated, right click on the disk 1* and go to initialize
  7. then right click on the unallocated side and click partition
  8. click next twice until the unit started the format.

after countless google searches this post is the closest ive gotten to fixing my prob, so here i am newly registered to ask why doesnt this work? ive done the manage to disk management ive seen the cdrom and my hard drive but no drive one. when i plug into the usb it recognizes its presence and when i go to my comp and device manage i see it pop up as usb mass storage. i recently put a larger gig hd into my laptop and took the ol hd out put it into a 2.5 hd case with usb connector to use as an external hd… needless to say with no luck.