How can I use gameshark on the PS2 with mod chip?

I have a PS2 with mod chip, and I try to use the game shark, it did not work.

You know how when you load game with code, they ask you to put the game disc in the tray. After the disc was in the console, it just stopped, no loading sound, no nothing?

Can some one help???

eh, you probably fscked up the PS2 w/ the mod chip installation. Redo the solder again and see if it works. If not, well, you’re fscked.

You shure booting it up alright??
What are you booting: CD-R/DVD-R Games?

like whit AR(PAL) i can’t make any mistake = hitting the “X” button just bfre the tray close… otherwise it just sit there no boot at all…

so all you need to do is performing the "swap’ 100% :stuck_out_tongue:

get back on this if you need the Swapmethodes for Gameshark+CD-R(rips) or DVD-R

Thanks Ravo,

Actually, it boots normal without gameshark. I have no problem playing back up disc.

So but the swap method, what is it? Can you tell me more.