How can i upgrade the firmware to this DVD superdrive




I want to know if I could update the firmware of this superdrive of a mac


You need to ask APPLE itself because this drive is obviously in a MAC, which means it has apple OEM firmware to function properly.


thanks Chef for your quick response,


Do you know which firmware is actually on the drive?


its KA19 the firmware of the superdrive.


my wife macbook aluminium superdrive has a different firmware plus it log in with a different number but its an LG drive, same as mine when I do google search, but her’s will burn the dual layer disk medium that I have which is a Ricoh type, not a singapore produce type, I think it has to do with the type of medium that this superdrive on the iMac has problem with. It works fine with my Lacie dvd recorder, but at medium speed not full speed. So basically its a Medium that needs an upgraded firmware. I will have to buy singapore produce DL± Dual layer disk.



Singapore made DL discs are the better stuff you can get these days. Additionally, writing at reduced speeds is often not a bad idea. Most of us more experienced users do not use maximum available speed.

Indeed, the behaviour you described can be improved by a newer firmware. Theoretically. Check Apple support website or ask their support people if there is an improved firmware for your drive available.



KA19 seems to be the latest.

Best way is to choose the best available media.


Confirm, its a Medium problem but I went and got the MKM singapore version disk of verbatim. The superdrive works prestine with those mediums so this means that apple needs to update their firmware to the other medium so it could be compatible.