How can I turn a bunch of files on my HD into an ISO?

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while I’m here, :confused: I thought I’d go for another question…

I back up a lot of files of mixed type from my HD to CD. Normally I wait till I’ve got about 700Mb and then drag and drop with Win XP.

The questions are:

  1. Is what I’m doing “packet writing”?

  2. If packet writing is a bad idea for safe storage (I sometimes notice CDs burnt like this refuse to spin up to a decent speed, though I can’t remember ever having actually LOST data…) wouldn’t it be better to turn all those files and directories into an ISO on my HD and then burn the ISO with A120%?

  3. If that is right, how do I create an ISO of individual files on my HD and what software would you recommend?

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I use Nero and WinOnCD and just make a multi-session burn. Although I too have noticed that every time you add its slower to read later on, esp by DVD-ROM’s. Dunno why this happens, I now wait till I have close to 700mb and then burn a closed session.

  1. no, it’s not packet writing, it’s multi-session.
  2. multi-session cds take longer to read cuz the drive has to identify each written session. u can just put all the files u want into a folder until it gets to 700mb like xtacydima does (and which i do) and burn a single-session cd using something like nero.
  3. if u want to create ur own iso, WinISO and UltraISO are the only 2 progs i know of that can do it. u simply add new files to the compilation and then save it afterward.

You can also use CDRWin. I use v3.9A, NOT the newer version.

It’s just a matter of dragging and dropping files/directories. As long as you tick the right options it’s a fairly painless process :slight_smile:

E.g make sure ‘Preserve Full Path names’ is selected along with ‘Long Filenames’, ‘Recurse subdirectories’ etc.

The file dates, CD name are all selectable too in the advanced options.

Testing with a re-writeable CD is a good idea until you get the hang of it :slight_smile:



if you’re using the drag-and-drop feature built into winxp then you are using packet writing and not multisession. you should try burnatonce to create an iso file. it’s free and works like a charm.

Thanks guys (& gals of course… :slight_smile: ).

But I’m still confused :confused:

Is Win XP drag and drop multisession or packet writing?

I used to use Roxio direct cd for this and always turned on the option to close the cd after burning, so that was definitely not multi session, but XP doesn’t seem to ask “how” to copy - it just does it…

Is “drag and drop” a synonym for “problematic”?

I stopped using multi session (so I thought) because I had loads of problems accessing the different sessions on different computers.

Would it be right to say there are 3 burning methods? multisession, packet writing and iso burning?

When it comes to backing up multiple files/folders What are the advantages/disadvantages of each?

Does anyone have an opinion on the relative merits of Burnatonce, WinIso and UltraIso?

Thanks again, FE