How can I to do for that

Hello everyone, I want to ask a small question: each drive has a disc head. when holding the disc head to the platter I need to use a tool-assisted, otherwise the platter is easy to damage. If I have two disc heads(platter) and want to put back the reading head on the platter ,there is no way one person to take to do so.I there a method or techniques to solve this problem.

What kind of drive are you talking about? I hope you didn’t take apart your hard drive?

Well, the first step (BEFORE trying to disassemble it) is to invest a rather large number of millions of dollars in a cleanroom environtment and probably a similar amount in very specialized tools. Then find highly specialised and educated people and hire them.

There are reasons disaster recovery is so expensive… If you’ve opened a disk outside a cleanroom, it is time to discard it and buy a new one.