How can I test a disc for PI/PO errors w/o a Lite-On or Plextor drive?

I’m trying to make some DVDs that will be played on my X-Box but the X-Box drive seems to be very picky with anything that isn’t a DVD-ROM.

My only DVD recorder is an LG so I don’t know if I have any options for checking disc quality (PI/PO errors).

Can I do anything at all to compare DVD media quality?

I have a Ritek Ridata (G04 I think??) and Verbatim Datalife Plus Lightscribe discs. I’d prefer to use the Verbatim since they are Lightscribe compatible but I’d like to see which works better with my burner…

Can anybody help me out?

I don’t think you can check for errors with an LG, but in any case, I find Ritek are trash and Verbatim burned on most LG drives are very good burns. I would stick with 8X burns and try the -R 16X Verbatims, currently on sale at BestBuy.

Does burning speed make a difference? (less/more PI/PO errors?)

Yes, burning speed will usually make a difference. How big depends on media, drive and firmware.

In most cases you’ll get best results on modern drives when burning at speeds between 4x and 12x. In my experience 8x is usually the safest choice, even for high-speed drives with high-speed media, but in some cases you’ll get better results with 6x, 12x or 4x.

Indeed you cannot PIE/PIF scan with an LG. :disagree:

While I concur with [B]Chas[/B]'s opinion about Ritek media being very questionable, I think that G04 can have an egde for Xbox because this media has a fantastic reading compatibility.

The problem with G04 (and G05) is mainly its stability, so if you use these with success, don’t expect them to last for long, from my personal survey with my own G04 discs the average expected lifespan is about 2 years.

So Verbatim is a better option, because the compatibility AND stability are very good.

but I’d like to see which works better with my burner…
Maybe if you tell us the exact model of your discs and the exact model of your burner…:wink: - but my guess is that the answer will be Verbatim, whatever the model. :bigsmile: (can be wrong, though).

I have run a lot of scan tests on Verbatim media in 3 different LG drives and while the +R does a very good job (sometimes) at 12X or 8X, the -R does much better at 8X as opposed to 12X. It was very hard to find the same quality of burn when I tried 16X.