How Can I Tell If My Burner is DVD-R or +R capable?

So I have a OEM from Dell directly, and I have been using DVD-R for the longest time, but how can I tell if I can use DVD+R? I wanna try using the Taiyo Yuden that everyone keeps talking about, but how do I know if I can use them?

Also I keep hearing about Yuden 000 T02’s. Anyone have a direct link to purchase these? Most of the time it goes to the Taiyo Yuden and has like 10 different choices.

How old is your drive? It has been several years (maybe 4-5?)since dvd burners could only burn -R and not +R.

Go to Control Panel–>System–>Hardware–>Device Manager and look under the listings for DVD/CD-Rom Drives. It should have the model of your burner listed there. Do a google search using that model number and you should get some definitive information about it.

Here is a direct link to some Yuden 000 T02 disks for sale at
You can also find them at among other places.

Nero Info tool




Platinumsword’s idea is better. I forget that tool exists

DELL OEMs have crippled firmwares. :eek:

Post the model ID/name.

Awesome, thanks so much for the replies guys…

I found it is compatible with DVD+R… its a newer laptop. about a year old now.

But it has the Samsung TS-L532B on it. DVD + RW