How can i take a snapshot of a single frame in a dvd



Hello how can i freeze a dvd so i can get a jpeg image of what i see on the screen?
I have snagit…but it always gives me a black screen…it shows its getting what i want but it wont.

Must be an easy quick way…i dont do this a lot.

Thanks in advance for any help


Some playback softwares like powerdvd allows to take a snapshot. I never tried because I usually use powerdvd to watch may DVD, but I think that also the free VLC player should allow to take snapshots


Try Fraps


Certainly PowerDVD does snapshot a frame & does a decent job of it.


I use PowerDVD all the time for this, but you can also just hit: <pause>, then <alt-print-screen> and get similar results. PowerDVD works good because it captures the actual frame.