How can I stop Win XP from finding hardware, (modem)?

My internal laptop Conexant dies and I added a USB modem. The problem is Windows seems to have trouble with the two together. Can’t really say why, but I have to re-install the drives 3-4 times a week. Everytime I disable the old modem, Win refinds it, even when waking up from suspend and even when I disable Plug and Play.

Any ideas on how to stop windows from finding hardware or any other suggestions? I really can’t figure out why it keeps losing the drivers. USB modem is Amigo with latest drivers.


Maybe just disable it in device manager and restart your computer with it disabled. Hope this helps. good luck.

I think he has already tried that according to his post. :iagree:

Using to edit BIOS and Devicemanager settings is the way to go.

What chef means is disable the internal modem via BIOS settings. Not sure why he suggested Device Manager though; once an onboard device is disabled, it doesn’t show up in Device Manager anyway.

My HP disabled BIOS does not allow me do disable anything. That is the first place I looked. So far the two are getting along so maybe I will just have to deal with re-installing the drivers once a week or so. Things could be worse.

Thanks guys.