How can I stop ChkDsk /f at startup



Hello all :slight_smile: I having issues with defragmenting my L: drive, it’s giving me this horse shit about Disk Defragmenter has drtected that Chkdsk is scheduled to run on the volume: (L). Please run Chkdsk /f.

So at start up it runs throught this whole cycle at…every…single…startup :a

How can I stop this! :Z

Sorry for the oversized picture as I wanted to be very clear (Visually) as possible.


run regedit go to the key HKLM/software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/ and check the run and runonce keys for any chkdsk values and delete them.


Thanks -Donald_Duck- but i got it going by going into start/run then typing cmd.exe and then typing chkdsk L: /f

It somthing about “do i want to umnount” or somthing like that and I said YES and off it went…no more problems…for now.HA!

Thanks tho -Duck-