How can I split a .wmv file

I’m looking to take out about 1min of a 30 minute .wmv file. can anybody recommend a simple free program that will allow me to split up this type of video file?

TMPGEnc is a program I’ve used that works with windows media that allows you to copy between to endpoints you choose as one of it’s features. I generally use .mpg or .mpeg files, I can’t remember if .wmv files are compatable but I believe they are. As a quick start to help you with setting up the video file you want to split: The first page allows you to choose what type format you want to convert to. I used this program to split a video file in two to fit on two 80 min VCDs. On the second page you select the video and audio file(make them the same file) and change the drop down menu on that page to interpolate from non-interpolate. The splicing feature is on the page after that. I think initially this program is a 30-day trial version if you get a newer version of the software dowload but if you can Google it and find an older version, which is what I’m used to working with and have no problems with I don’t believe there is an expiration date on it. Hope it’s compatable.

You should also be able to cut it with windows movie maker software.


     I want to write a PHP code to play a required portion of the WMV file.

Can any one please healp me out? I used getid3 to parse the WMV file but i couldnot proceed further.

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