How can I speed up downloads

How can I speed up downloads, please bear with me I’m a female and new to all this.

  1. By using an ISP (Internet Service Provider) which has better speeds and bandwith.
  2. By using other ways than a modem , IE a cable modem or a sattelite downlink.

Above two options will probably cost you more.

Another way is to download your programs via a special program that doesn’t download a file in a whole , but in several slices that are downloaded simultaneously. Thus using all the possible bandwith your provider and equipment has for you.

Such a program is Downlaod Accelerator or FlashGet and you can find them on the TuCows website. has alot of info on optimizing your internet connection.

What downloads are you trying to speed up? Web sites, mp3’s, program files??? If you are on dial up there are things to consider like access #'s, ISP(Internet Service Provider), modem speed(I hope a 56k v90). If its files, I remember when I had dial up a program called Getright and another called Go!zilla prioritized file downloads and made them a bit faster. To be honest there is only so much that can be done with dial up but any little bit helps. If you are running win2k or WinXP there is also a small tweak you can do in gpedit.msc from the run command. Please let us know your ISP, what computer specs you have, what browser you are using… etc…

use flshget…it rips internet contents

you can use one of many download managers that are out there.
some for example are: StarDownloader, LeechGet, Download Accelerator, GetRight, etc…
They’re really all good and easy to use. I’m actually using StarDownloader cause its free and I don’t feel like paying for such a software…

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How can I speed up downloads, please bear with me I’m a female and new to all this.
Does the sex matter :confused: :stuck_out_tongue: