How can I set the region code of my SH-S162L

I have a Samsung DVD-Writer (SH-S162L) in my Win98SE computer, and I’m running NERO 6.

When I start Ahead’s Showtime 2 to play a DVD, it kindly informs me via a pop-up error window that my region code needs to be set (It is RCP II). The box appears to let me set the region code, but simultaneously with the first box opening, another error box pops up and tells me that I can’t play my disc because the region code isn’t set.

I know that somewhere out there, there is a utility to set the region code, because Showtime refers to a program called DVDRgn.exe.
Somehow, I never got that software with my drive.

Okay, so how do I initially set the region?

I tried sniffing around the FAQs and Troubleshooting forums here for an answer, and couldn’t find one. Sorry if I’m asking the “How do I tie my shoes?” kind of question.


Use VLC tool.