How can i set my windows XP from german to english?

i am from austria so naturally, my Windows XP Professional is in German. How can I set the language to English so that all the labels in the explorer and in the system settings all the scripture and writing is in English?

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Go Control Panel then Regional & Languages
You’ll find what you want there.

thank you i just tried but i couldn’t find the option to set/adjust the general language that should be used
i only found 1000 options to set the standard currency, the keyboard format etc. but i didn’t find any option to set the system from German to English so that my Explorer doesn’t say “Gerätemanager” but says “device manager” in the system settings and similar for the explorer etc.

It’s not possible. You have to buy the English XP-CD (I think there’s language packs too, but it would come down to the same thing = buying a new licence).

Regional settings don’t include the interface language, [B]zebadee[/B] (of course you can install English programs on a non-English XP and these will be in English) :slight_smile:

but i once managed to do that I just forgot how
it was during an excursion in school in a museum i switched the operating systems language from German to French and laughed and went home

I still say it’s not possible with your German XP :slight_smile:

You may have had a language choice when first using the PC, but that was a one-time opportunity. I live in Belgium and many computers here are sold with that one-time choice between Dutch, French or English upon first use. Once it’s done, there’s no way back.

damn it so i guess microsoft just still sux…

If this is the case then how about a format and complete reinstall??

You must find a MUI (Multilingual User Interface) CD, to solve yr problem.
Read the files attached.


thanx that sounds good
but i bet i have to goddamn pay extra for that right
i’m not gonna pay anything extra, are those available otherwise too?? (-> PM ^^)
i think $ 50 000 000 000 in bill gates pocket is enough… compared to my 20 $ i got right now i think it’s a fair deal if i’m not forced to give away that money so it can rot on bill gate’s bank account…

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N.B. Currently using Vista, but sure I remember being able to do likewise with XP Pro.
N.N.B. Note the mention of being able to go to MS website for additional tools & formats.

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Those seting won’t change the language in Windows, only the number format and some other regional settings.

As mentioned above, you’ll need to purchase a multi-language pack in order to switch between languages.

Configuring and Using International Features of Windows


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On a neighbours PC. See attached.
Using XP Pro.
As shown the files required are already on HD.
I get this with my Vista too.
Although it does mention or imply that in some cases a additional cd may be required.
If/when a new language is added I get notificattion that these files are ready to be downloaded via windows upate.**


The required files for an entire interface language change really aren’t there, unless you have a multilingual Windows. :disagree:

Perhaps seeing is believing, so here’s what my English (single-lingual) Windows XP looks like after choosing Danish as the regional setting and language and then restarting the computer to apply the changes.

Don’t you think the “Danish” user interface looks a lot like English?! :wink:

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@ DrageMester
If you look at the updates screenshot I’ve added you can also clearly see that these language packs are available to download (for free). Certainly to me at least. I can change to any of those languages listed.
I assumed that this was not unique to me.
Having selected changes my screen initially looks like yours.
However on reboot the changes are all encompassing.
See the MS link,(thanks to platinumsword) see my update screenshot with language packs.
Maybe it’s me.

@[B]zebadee[/B] - those language packs on Windows Update will allow you to display more languages correctly in Internet Explorer but don’t include the MUI (remember like when you opened a Chinese web-page IE used to ask you if you wanted to install that language pack).

@[B]weedougie[/B] - that’s not an option either, the PC’s and laptops with “multilingual” Windows that I referred to have the OS pre-loaded on the hard drive and will delete the other language(s) as soon as the initial choice is made, even from the recovery partition (and recovery discs you eventually make).

The language of Windows Interface (we are talking about the language of the OS and not solely of IE) can not be changed, only (as was said already), if you have a preinstalled/supplied multilingual version.

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