How can I set it my external DVDRW is in "send to"?

I have bought this DVD RW, USB external. I’m testing it out. I’m on an XP Home SP2 box with a 2.2Ghz Celeron and .5GIG Ram with an 80 GIG HDD. My Windows XP is fully patched, all the updates. It shows my CDRW/DVD-ROM when I right click to “send to” but doesn’t show the DVD RW. I’ve since read on the web that the drive in question (a Philips SPD3600CC) is writeable by WinXP just like my CDRW is. But how can I set it up so the drive appears in the “send to” selection? Thanks.

Hi Steve, welcome to CDFreaks! :slight_smile:

The built-in CD Recording function in Windows XP can be only be enabled on a single drive at a time. If you select Properties in the right-click menu for your external drive, and go to the Recording tab, then you can select the option “Enable CD recording on this drive”. This should make your external drive appear in the Send To menu, but it will also disable your internal drive for use with the built-in CD recording function.

You will be able to burn CDs to both drives if you have some other CD/DVD burning software.

For burning DVDs you will need to use something else than the built-in CD Recording function, since that only supports CD-R and CD-RW burning. Perhaps there’s some software bundled with your drive or pc that you could use.

Why didn’t I think of that! LOL Thank you. To reiterate what you’ve said: I can change the drive to write to but that disables the other drive and I won’t be able to write to the DVD-RW as a DVD-RW, only to a CD-R or CD-RW in the drive, yes?

The drive came with something called Nero 7 Essentials. It has all of the functions of Nero 7 enhanced I believe, but other than Nero Express and Nero Burning ROM the other functions cease to be that (aka “functions”) after 15 days. Nero is codebloat anyway after about 6.

I have used CDBurnerXP Pro 4 and such on the drive and it seems to work fine. Amazingly fast given that it’s an external. Rewrites are another case however. Thank you for educating me. :clap: