How Can I Select a Drive Other Than the Default Drive?



I installed an LG Super Multi-Blue drive in an external case and connected it via e-SATA. The drive is showing up and so are movies inserted in the drive, but I can’t get DVDFab HD to look at that drive – it only wants to recognize my default drive - the SATA DVD drive installed internally.

I’d rather not have to swap the drives. Is there a setting to get DVDFab HD Decrypter to look at the external drive?



For your target click on the folder then pick the burner or hard drive you want to send the movie to.


Thanks for the reply, but I want to rip a disc in the drive to the hard drive, so, the disc would be the source and the hdd would be the target. Clicking the folder or the disc image and navigating to the disc doesn’t seem to work.


Then it is the source click on not target.
Fab should auto select the source if the source is a disk in a burner.
Open Fab first and then close the source drive to let the software find the movie.


next to the source click the yellow file. Then search for that drive you want to use and click it.


Well, it looks as though a DVD works as advertised – pop it in and the app recognizes it. I’ve tried a few different BluRay and HD DVD discs and none of them have worked.

DVDFab HD Decrypter says it will rip BD and HD DVD, but it doesn’t seem to want to open the discs.


I misunderstood. I did not realize we were talking about a blue ray disk.

No DVDFAb will not work with blue ray disk.


Really? DVDFab HD doesn’t do BluRay or HD DVD? It says it will on the website…


Never believe everything you read.
But if you do a search on this site and read the many threads about blue ray you will learn something.

DVDFAb cannot processes blue ray or hd dvds.


Movies released before June 2008 I believe dvdfab hd can do but the ones released after no. Well that all I have to say about BluRay as you can do a search for this on the forum and get more answers.